Performing on Top of the clouds

Lightness, elegance, refined sophistication matching the best technical features made Bombardier the perfect partner to feature Erika Lemay's Physical Poetry.

Discover Bombardier's new spot featuring their Global aircraft Smooth Flight and see how you can... forget you’re flying...



Global 6000

Erika Lemay is used to performing in the sky but never at an altitude between 40,000 and 50,000 feet high. A lifetime of performing on all types of stages and working on constantly elevating the level of her art couldn't prepare her for this new request that she confidently embraced: promoting the smoothness of the Global 6000 business aircraft during a promotional video filmed in flight. 


Quebecor company Bombardier requested the best hand balancer to prove that cruising on their aircraft is such a fine experience that Erika could spin and contort on one cane during the flight. To execute the movements so flawlessly in order to give the impression that she was flying on clouds- that was the state Erika wanted to share to make the public understand the feeling of flying the Global 6000.

The world's leader in its field, Bombardier could well have decided to shoot the advertising spot on the ground and edit the video in such a way to make the audience think it was shot in the air. But they relied on their values of authenticity and innovation and sent a crew with the acrobat into the skies of Quebec to prove their point!