A Douglas and Francoise Kirkland Production, starring Erika Lemay
On exhibition for the first time ever at Mouche Gallery, Beverly Hills

                                                       Official video by Mouche Gallery, Beverly Hills

Original idea by Françoise Kirkland and made possible by Marco Acerbi

Element Design by William Thoren with Fashion Director Simone Guidarelli

For the longest time I had the idea of creating a human alphabet inspired by the wonderful illustrator ERTE. I knew we had the perfect subject in circus performer and physical poet, Erika Lemay, whom Douglas had photographed a number of times for various publications and projects. The stars aligned to get our dream crew together during the summer of 2015 and the production of this project was my 81st birthday present to Douglas. What better gift than working and taking photographs. That’s what he loves best.
— Francoise Kirkland

Special Thanks to Jenna Garagiola Hair and Make up For Cloutier Remix, Mark Kirkland, Miranda Boller, Zander Roberts, Cassandra Summer, David Coffey, Samuel Herndon, Massimiliano Galli, Porselli Milan, Sharra Pagano , Chiara Boni, La Petite Robe, FioriCouture, Way 2 Much Entertainment, Eat.Drink.Americano, Michael Burke & Angie An, Canon USA and Moab by Legion Paper

Creation Process