The World Premiere of this new-born piece at the Soundtrack Stars Award ceremony of the 70th Venice Film Festival.


After her debut at Venice Film Festival for the 66th edition with legendary Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland, the Canadian-born international artist Erika Lemay, creator of Physical Poetry, returns to the Festival with a new work of art to open the awards ceremony of the prestigious Soundtrack Stars Award.

In the performance held at Spazio Cinecittà Luce of Hotel Excelsior, Erika Lemay has interpreted, dancing on her hands, the theme of a famous soundtrack performed live by the award-winning musician Russian-Latvian Maxim Beitan, pupil of the famous Ivo Pogorelich, Johannes Goritzki and cellist Natalia Gutman.

At its purest state, this piece features Erika's fragile yet powerful body, movingto the sound of a sole instrument - Maxim Beitan's cello.

An homage to one of the most beautiful songs of a movie soundtrack ever created...



Erika Lemay & Maxim Beitan

Photo milaanufrieva.com


We people are born in different places, with different opportunities and realities; but ultimately, the beginning and the end of the journey will be the same for everyone. What matters is what we choose to do with the precious time we are given in between those two life events. 



The performance was attended, also by Ryiuchi Sakamoto who later received the Career Award, that was given last year to Ennio Morricone.

Erika Lemay and Maxim Beitan each chose in their own paths that their art and passion would have significant meaning to and be a major source of inspiration in their lives. Guided by one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever written, they united their talents to create what they HOPE will give those who witness it a moment of inner peace.

In a world where human beings too often make use of their power to commit atrocities against one another, the story of Oskar Schindler reminds us that one’s true commitment can change not only the lives of many but also the course of history.


Press Coverage

Photo Milaanufrieva.com

Et le message, qui tresse cette fragilité capable de se dépasser jusqu’à ce qu’elle touche l’expression pure de l’existence, juxtaposée à la poignante citation sonore, est cet “Espoir” que l’art peut avoir la capacité d’éveiller en unissant musique et image: nos yeux s’écarquillent pendant que les notes nous traversent le corps et purifient les blessures intérieures. Et on s’abandonne à l’émerveillement.
— Loudvision.it

Loudvision article (Italian language) 

Mila Anufrieva press coverage (Russian language)

The event

SOUNDTRACK STARS is an idea of Free Event in collaboration with Cinecittà Luce, which aims to reward all producers and artists whosetalent contribute to making an unforgettable film.

For the 70th Venice International Film Festival, the jury was composed of 5 professionals in the field of music and film: the singer/actor Cesare Cremonini, the Republic journalis /music criticGino Castaldo, Christian Paterno, Laura Delli Colli, andthe director Giuliano Montaldo, who served as chairperson and decreed the best soundtrack among the films in competition in the Official Selection. 

Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto receiving his prize
photo courtesy : tiwi_FREE EVENT

Special Award Sakamoto

The organization has chosen to reward Artist Contemporary Master Ryuichi Sakamoto, “a model of genius that inspired many talents of all artistic disciplines, and moreover for his humanity for his unwavering commitment to peace and ecology.”



Special prize for “Best Contemporary Artist” to Ryuichi Sakamoto

The jury of the Soundtrack Stars, chaired by Giuliano Montaldo and comprised of Cesare Cremonini, Laura Delli Colli (President of the Syndicate of Film Journalists), Gino Castaldo (La Republica journalist), Cristiana Paternò (film critic and Deputy Director of Cinecittà News and 8 e 1/2), votedthe Italian movie “Via Castellana Bandiera” written and directed by Emma Dante as the winner.  Special mention went to the Mancuso Brothers.

A special prize was also awarded to Ryuichi Sakamoto for “Best Contemporary Artist”.

During the ceremony, Erika Lemay, circus artist, danced on her hands to the theme of a famous soundtrack, played live by the Russian-Latvian musician Maxim Beitan, a pupil of the famous Ivo Pogorelich.

The Soundtrack Stars Award is produced and designed by Free Event, with the collaboration of the Institute Cinecittà Luce and the patronage of MIBAC and SIAE.

The award, according to the age-old technique of Murano glass from
Berengo Studio 1989 recalls the five staff lines with the colours white
and black alternating vertically as a tribute to the piano keys, the main instrument of all
melodic compositions. The e prizewas designed to call to mind the winged Lion holding a Bible,
the symbol of the city of Venice and site of the first film festival in the world, as well as the typical comb
iron bow (in Venetian,  fera da prova, or dolfin) of the gondolas.