Erika Lemay wowed 50 000 soccer fans as flying Giulietta

Special video by SKY TV Germany

In the architectural masterpiece of Commerzbank Arena, the amazing and elegant soccer Stadium in Frankfurt, a special version of Shakespeare’s Juliet (Giulietta) has been asked to climb up higher than her usual Verona’s terrace, to send her love to (Alfa) Romeo.



Another perspective: Erika taking her flight in the stadium

No matter how windy and cold it was during this rainy November night, performing at 30 meters high, Erika Lemay melted 50,000 hearts, as the soccer fans were surprised and stunned by the incredible appearance of a white angel flying effortlessly.


The mesmerising image of Erika showing breathless acrobatics with her aerial silks  suspended from magical balloon clusters provided by Molecole-Show seemed to be coming right out of a fairytale book. 

The acrobat's flight was welcomed with thunderous applause from the crowd that exploded into a deafening roar when Erika finally landed in the middle field.

This spectacular moment happened during the intermission of the official Bundesliga match Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Wolfsburg.