Creator of Emotions

Because Poetry doesn’t have to be expressed with words...
— Erika Lemay
Through her limitless body, she has the power and sensibility to express a poetry in motion

Erika Lemay is an internationally awarded performer and public personality. She is requested for the most prominent events on all 5 continents : Anniversaries, celebrations, TV shows, films, product launches, private functions for VIPs, celebrities, Royal Families, and World leaders.

Vanity Fair  nominated Erika as the New Queen of Circus in an interview and photo shooting by Legendary Hollywood Icon Maker Douglas Kirkland who later portrayed her in the videoclip called Objet de Desir, he realized with the support of Canon USA .

Physical Poetry

With a classical dance background, the best acrobatic (Cirque style) education, a unique sophistication and strong charisma on stage, Erika Lemay soon became known for being a pure Physical Poet. 

Physical Poetry is a new art form which aims to share emotions through uncommon and limitless body language. The contortions, aerial stunts and acrobatics become a mean of expression for higher purpose. 

Her ability to move any type of audience, her artistry and stunning acrobatics, makes her today, one of the most revered artists around the world. 

In the pursuit of a real challenge and a true connection with her audience, Erika Lemay has launched ANIMUS FEMINA; a full One Woman Show.

The first of its genre starring only one performer for a full length show of  Physical Poetry, this unusual format for such a physical artist is an ethereal story evolving through the arts of aerial acrobatics, contortion, theatrical interpretation, contemporary dance and visual new technologies adapted to festival and theatres.


Erika Lemay was born in Quebec, Canada. She began her extraordinary journey through the art of dance with her first ballet class, aged 4.

Aged 11, after a short career in conventional gymnastics, she found her passion as a performing circus artist, soon becoming the youngest and most prominent member of Cirque Eos.

Erika was 14 when she attended her first European performance at Belgium's international circus festival "La Piste aux Espoirs".

Her performance marked a stunning start to her international career, winning her the Public's Choice Award's, and the Gold Medal. Other tours with major international circuses were to follow - in Canada, the USA, Europe, Middle and South America.

Erika's wonderful family believed in her dreams and supported her throughout.

In 2003, Erika became a freelance artist, receiving awards from most prestigious world-class festivals and building a successful career in the niche market of very exclusive events worldwide.

When she is not touring for worldwide performances, Erika aims to inspire a new generation to develop their full potential through Arts. She is currently holding the honorary position of Arts Ambassador for the Non-Profit Pensare Oltre.

Festival Awards


Guest of many TV shows worldwide, Erika’s talent has been highlighted starring in world class events on the most prestigious stages, among these:

Performing Guest of Honour in Private Galas for VIPs, moguls, celebrities, royal families and in Special Events for world leading companies.

Erika currently appears as Guest Star in the most important Cirque du Soleil special events, among them, she was chosen with her act to represent Cirque du Soleil at:

Erika Lemay performed on behalf of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte’s  One Drop Foundation for

And in many very important special events, among them :

Customizing her image and/or her performances Erika represented:

Amsterdam  Atlanta Bangkok  Barvikha  Basel  Beijing  Berlin  Brussels  Budapest  Cala di Volpe  Caracas  Casablanca  Chicago  Doha  Dubai  Estoril  Frankfurt  Geneve  Gstaad  Hong Kong  Istanbul  Kaliningrad  Las Vegas  Lisboa  London  Luzern  Los Angeles  Luxembourg  Maldives  Manama  Marrakech  Mexico City  Milano  Monte-Carlo  Montreal  Moscow  New York  Oslo  Paris  Portofino  Prague  Québec  Riga  Roma  Rhodes   Sao Paulo  Seattle  Seoul  Seychelles  Sidney  Sochi  St Petersburg  Stockholm  Taipei  Tokyo  Toronto  Valencia  Venezia  Washington D.C.  Wien  Zanzibar  Zurich