Erika Lemay's miracle moments for Korean TV show

JTCB Network TV show "Miracle Korea" hosted Erika Lemay for two episodes with miraculous aerial performances.

Tornado (aerial hoop) and Divina (aerial straps) were adored by Korean audience!

한국어 TV 쇼에 에리카 르메이

JTCB 네트워크 TV 쇼 "기적의 한국은"기적 공중 공연 개의 에피소드 에리카 르메이를 개최했다.

토네이도 (공중 후프)과 신성 (공중 스트랩)는 한국 관객들에게 사랑 받을수 있었다!

Erika performing her aerial hoop act TORNADO at "Miracle Korea".

Look at the audience torrid reaction watching her fly flawlessly!

The host were challenging audience to count how many times Erika was spinning during the act making Korean star guests guessing one after the other... 

Here  is Erika's second appearance at "Miracle Korea" with a special version of DIVINA.

This act is normally performed under the rain which became snow for the Korean audience.