An aerial performance under the rain...

Tonight, at the sea front terrace of Quintessentially, Win Win Azimut, we are witnessed a spectacular defiance of gravity by Erika Lemay leaving an audience all sceptics, lost for words, no second takes, no special effects, just a pure human body.
— Pure TV, Italia
The instant I watched Erika Lemay perform, I was inspired by her celestial grace. This moved me to create this Homage to her exceptional talent.

Deeply moving, this intense piece sees Erika perhaps at her most feminine.


Staged on the aerial straps, Erika's beauty, passion and technical perfection combine to lift us into her blissful emotional sphere.

Subtle angles, artistic freezes, creative transitions, posture, pose and gesture all combine to build, for a time, a world in which sensuality, 

vulnerability, pride, pleading, courage, hope, desolation and more shimmer before our eyes, up there in the air. 
The water and lighting effects add a breathtaking climax.