To the words of a beautiful melody, Erika's body is transported into an ethereal story

In softness and vulnerability, her delicate body is dancing against all rules of gravity, light as a feather.

This act was first created for the French TV show The Best, Le Meilleur Artiste and was a real success when it premiered on TV.

Erika Lemay collaborated with composer and lead singer Paul Bisson in the creation of the music and both artists let their dream draw a clear picture that today defines the act Favola and carries a true artistic soul. 

This particular piece has been created to fit into TV formats. It's a shorter act featuring Erika's most beautiful movements on high canes.

You are a magical being, your performance moved me.
Grand Art and great class. Erika, you are a diamond
— Alessandra Martines, star dancer and actress
A fairy, Erika Lemay is a fairy, it is not possible otherwise: the Quebecor gave us a great show between balancing, contortion and more, to live and relive again and again!
— TF1