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Ambassador of Health and Willpower

In a show business driven man's world, she found her way since a very young age to draw her own path becoming well known for accomplishing what she really loves while deeply moving her audience.


The Artist, The Athlete, The business Woman...

Anyone who sees her on stage is testimonial of a life of sacrifices to reach the level of perfection she demonstrates to her audience, but most importantly; a true passion that can come from nowhere else than a full commitment to one's life excellence. 

Erika is an Artist, an athlete and a business woman, how does she keep her balance through that frenetic worldwide life, jumping from one continent to another, yet expected to be performing her best wherever she goes. Unlike traditional athletes, there is no off season for Erika, she has to be ready to all eventuality, everyday of the year.  

More and more of her fans and fans-to-be are getting to know her ability to communicate not only through her Physical Poetry but also through spoken language.

Erika Lemay puts in words what helps her blossom while stretching her comfort zone always a little bit more, constantly challenging, limiting believes and fears. Erika shares her secrets and tips on how to always stay focussed, yet keeping a happy balance and achieving her goals in artistic, well being and business spheres.


Possible subjects may include:

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  • My past and how I got where I am today not following the easy path offered to me (ex: A steady job at world’s most important entertainment company ) but rather working on my own brand
  • Working on my strengths instead of losing time filling the gaps
  • How to deal with stress when stakes are high and still perform at my best
  • The way I entered as an acrobat, a market segment usually reserved to stars and celebrities 
  • Adapting your work to the different realities: geographic ethical matters, working for Royal families versus popular TV shows
  • The importance of finding your real passion and integrate it to your work
  • Goal setting: personal, physical and professional
  • Create your own truth, why should people set your own boundaries?
  • How to stay healthy, both physically and psychologically while traveling the globe
  • Value yourself, not only your achievements
  • Dare to take “calculated” risk
  • Making a dream come true: Animus Femina, the impossible

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It is possible to start the lecture by Erika's outstanding acrobatic performance.

Depending on the target audience: corporation, high level athletes, Art lovers, business executives etc., Erika's masterclass can be adapted to every kind of audience and is offered in English, French and Italian. 

Different formats and length are possible to fit your needs and time frame of your event.

During the presentation, some videos are displayed in relation with the subjects. A Q&A session is also offered.