Get Flexible!

Best secrets and tricks from a contortionist

Erika Lemay is a famous performing artist who decided to share her best stretching tricks with you.  Apart from her successful career, Erika Lemay has experienced many types of flexibility training including yoga, pilates, rhythmic gymnastic, classical dance and circus contortion in order to improve her own skills and teach others.
From a life of personal experimentation, studies of the human body including her own as a human guinea pig, Erika has a unique and extensive experience allowing her to develop a singular technique which proved to be efficient and as risk free as possible.

The Physical Poetry technique has been created to help professional or amateurs athletes to shine and excel and more importantly, to gain years of practice.

Who is it for?

Here are a few forms of art/sport where Erika has been helping people to excel:

  • Classical dance
  • Contemporary dance
  • Yoga
  • Acroyoga
  • Pilates
  • Rock climbing
  • Contortion
  • Circus Arts
  • Pole art dance
  • Rhythmic gymnastic
  • Artistic gymnastic
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Martial arts
  • Diving

Training and fitness redefined

If you don't consider yourself an athlete but you simply want to improve your overall physical condition and/or flexibility, limit the effects of aging (weaker muscles, limited mobility, poor posture), I can help you too!

Although the specificities of each sport are considered and pushed to new levels, the initial fitness and training consultation is taken seriously until we define together the most accurate applied program.


The Real process

Of course flexibility is a long work road and no one is made the same, that's why different and personalized approach is required. As a professional circus performer and contortionist, I see people everyday stretching in an extreme way and unfortunately I see a lot of those people stretching the wrong way and creating irreversible damages to their body or simply losing their time.

It is very easy to get injured when using a wrong technique or pushing too much without knowing precisely what we're doing. For example a lot of very delicate muscles are involved in our hips area and a simple false movement might mean 3 months of pain which is like an eternity not only for professional athletes but for anyone passionate about their practice. I'll help you to gain flexibility while protecting your body from injuries, building a strong structure and yet improving your stretching capabilities. 

The Physical Poetry technique particularly focusses on active flexibility.

What is active flexibility?
It increases the tissues extensibility while improving neuromuscular control. In other words, Active flexibility is the art of stretching while developing muscles in the area we are working on, allowing more control in a full range of motion. We avoid to go too far in the stretch without control and damage some tissues that could take us months or years to recover. The strength and muscles we develop in this technique are long muscles, making you look slender. I know the biggest fear of ballet dancer is to have big legs. Since they use their legs muscle in repetition, some of them over-develop these muscles. The EL flex technique is made to develop long muscle fibers which gives you great lines while improving your flexibility and looking toned and slim. 

Secondly, mastering an active flexibility is the only way to be able to show it off in action, it's useless if not risky to be over mobile if you do not have the muscles to control this flexibility.

What does the Physical Poetry technique focusses on:
Body part emphasis:

  • Lateral split flexibility
  • Back flexibility
  • Knee extension
  • Ankle and feet flexibility
  • Shoulder extension

Precise and adapted programs for targeted audience: 

Yogis, rock climbers, gymnasts, martial arts athletes, pole dancers, classical or contemporary dancers, circus artists, etc.

Visual material as well as explanation will be released soon for free as well as tips to constantly increase your flexibility...For subscribers only.

 As a starting point and to introduce you to the Physical Poetry technique I offer you a few flexi-tricks!


There is much more...But I won't tell you everything now.
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I started contortion when I was 23 years old. Today I work as a contortionist in different international Variete shows. I simply followed the EL flex technique and used its tricks to build my daily training schedule. For me it means a dream coming true.
— Olga V., Russia
Erika Lemay’s technique and expertise is unparalleled and she has no qualms about sharing her experience with us. Such confidence in her skill and candid attitude draws people in to her.
— Sandra C., Studio owner, Singapore
I’ve been stretching for 15 years when I was a professional dancers. I couldn’t reach my dream career since I was not flexible enough. I spent 2 hours everyday stretching for so many years. I wish I had discovered Erika Lemay’s technique before. Now that I’m 46 years old, I’ve never been so flexible.
— M.A. Former professional dancer, Italy


    Why you should choose the Physical Poetry technique

    • To get better lines by working on your knee  extension and points, believe me it makes all the difference, your legs will look much longer. 
    • To help you get your 3 different splits or improving your oversplits, the Physical Poetry technique for flexibility helps gaining a minimum of 10 degrees in the first 2 weeks and keep on improving afterwards
    • To help you develop your active flexibility: You will be able to lift your legs without bending them much higher, whether you are a rock climber, ballerina, martial art athlete, active flexibility is a key to your practice
    • To build strong deeper muscles to allow you to reach an excessive mobility without injuring yourself on the long run.
    • To increase your back flexibility without injuries. The back is a very tricky area to stretch especially if you are an adult and it is quite easy to get injured and to create permanent damage. I created a complete program on how to increase your back flexibility by strengthening your back muscles and avoiding injuries. Your backbends will also be more aesthetic since I always work on the form, not only on the goal. Note that this part of training needs a personalized approach

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