For NO precise reason...

Because it doesn't always go the way we planned but we have the power to react the way we choose.

Because it's never as simple as we duped ourselves into believing.

Because relationships are  always moving, ever evolving creatures that bring us both the best and the worst.

Because we do sometimes create a whole soap opera drama in our heads, based on simple facts we unconsciously fed into, eventually becoming some weird monsters only for our internal destruction and/or entertainment.

Because it's now and again harder to choose joy, happiness and simplicity... over drama, sadness and complications.

Because our purpose isn't always that obvious.

Because we need to feel certainty in our lives to be grounded and able to build but we need to feel uncertainty to be stimulated and pushed forward.

Because brain chemistry remains so undocumented and we have no clue what it drives us into doing and thinking, when the truth is often so much simpler.

Because being vulnerable is risking our heart being stabbed and cut into pieces in front of our own eyes.

Because the difficulties will never cease but we'll get better at responding to them.

Because ultimately, if we look towards what really matters, we are already closer to it.

Photo Boaz Zippor