My Arrival in Hong Kong in the Umbrella Revolution and the Tiny Superhero

Hong Kong: This post is not about myself (oh great, finally!) and I won't start writing about all the amazing people I meet around the world, because, fortunately, they are numerous. This time I was stuck on the streets of Central Hong Kong on Sept. 30th, 2014. It's useless to explain how it felt with my two big suitcases as I was coming from the airport and not equipped to be thrown into a protest.

I ended up in this situation after a succession of events and failed attempts to reach my hotel, of whichI will spare you. I was trying to get one of the few taxis passing by but after 10 taxi drivers refused to take me and my luggage to my hotel, it started raining ... I mean raining a lot. I couldn't move much because my suitcases were heavier than me, so my speed was about 0.1km/hour. I asked for help here and there because at this point it was my only option, and the place was getting more and more crowded ... my two phones ran out of battery power, so I now could no longer reach my hotel for support.


After 45-50 minutes in this situation, I was soaked but caring more about my computer, passport and other belongingsremaining dry as much as they possibly could. At one point, another taxi came by. I needed to find a way to put my suitcases in it swiftly, so the driver had no choice but take me ... but another lady was quicker than me.  I offered to pay for the ride if she took me in with her, wherever she was going, but in vain … I needed to just remove myself from this position.

As my hope was starting to run out of power as my phones’ batteries had, a VERY petite lady asks me where I was going, and ran in front of a taxi, making it stop.  She opened the back door, screamedsomething at the taxi driver, took my huge suitcase (I don't even know how she did that part) while I hoisted the two smaller ones.  She threw the suitcasein the taxi as I entered, and she also entered, jumping on top of everything.

During the next hour in the taxi (barricades everywhere in the business district transformed what should’ve been a short taxi ride into a longer, scenic route to my hotel), I learned her story, which brought me to tears.  This maid from the Philippines, about half my height, helped me until my check-in at my hotel to make sure I was safe, hardly accepted mepaying for the taxi, and left me filled with positive energy after having spent four hours trying to reach my hotel in a building protest area.  All this while no one else ever showed an ounce of compassion or willingness to help (and I understood 100%, because they most likely had other more important things to care about at that moment besidesthe stupid tourist I ended up personifying).

There are some VERY special souls out there ...
.P.S. May life reward Mary Venus, A.K.A.  petite lady superhero with all that she richly deserves.