At its purest state, this piece features Erika's fragile, yet powerful body, moving only to the sound of Maxim Beitan's cello.

An homage to one of the most beautiful  song of a movie soundtrack ever created...

We people are born in different places, with different opportunities and realities but ultimately, the beginning and the end of the journey will be the same for everyone. What matters is what we choose to do with the precious time we are given in between those two life events. 

Erika Lemay and Maxim Beitan chose in their own path, that their Art and passion would be a meaning of inspiration to their lives. Guided by one of the most beautiful soundtrack music ever written, they united their talent to create what they HOPE will give the ones to witness it a moment of inner peace.

In a world where human beings too often make use of their power to commit atrocity on one another, the story of Oskar Schindler reminds us that one’s true commitment can change not only the lives of many but the course of history.