Description of the Circus Star


Do you want to impress, amaze, astonish, surprise, create a WOW effect or spice up your event?  Are you looking for the most exclusive entertainment? In this golden age of Nouveau Cirque, Erika Lemay’s performance is the best entertainment you can give your audience.

More than a top performer, Erika Lemay is described as a physical poetry

Erika Lemay is a World-class performer, a contemporary circus artist, a beautiful contortionist, a charismatic aerialist, an expert of aerial hoop (cerceau aérien), Aerial Silk (tissu aérien), hand balancing on canes, contortion and dance. 

Press also often refers to her as a circus star, an artist with extreme class and very strong presence on stage. Erika proposes 5 different acts, each of them are world reputation circus performances:

Description of each circus act (also called new cirque or nouveau cirque)

DANCE ON HANDS features a perfect fusion of hand balancing on canes (Equilibre) with contortion and dance. This floor act is a revelation of strength, balance, extreme flexibility and beauty performed in the most fluent way. Top acrobat Erika’s uncommon hand stand act stands out from others by its artistic side, her slender body as well as the perfect control she demonstrates. Contemporary circus style performance takes a new dimension with Dance on Hands.

TORNADO is performed on an aerial hoop (aerial ring, cerceau aerien). This performance is a very complex routine of acrobatic movements executed on a hoop twirling at an incredible speed, sometimes reaching up to 11 meters. Its very dynamic side characterizes this aerial performance. The acrobat is not only extremely graceful but moves easily at dangerous heights, enchanting her audience and creating breathtaking aerial scenes. Tornado incarnates the force of pure energy, clean energy, human energy is winning all the gravity laws with an eco-friendly, environmental-friendly power due to a technique that has got the human being at its center. This circus act is vivacious and passionate, shows flexibility, agility, dexterity, and will, without any doubt, leave the audience breathless. Tornado can be performed and adapted to different kind of venues.

NEIGE: The circus artist climbs effortlessly on long white fabrics called aerial silks (tissus aeriens). Neige is a very soft act with beautiful music that will fascinate by its poetry. Erika wraps and unwraps herself in these silks, sometimes dropping from meters but always keeping her natural amazing grace. The very best circus arts expertise choreographed into a flawless aerial ballet. This cirque style act is simply Pure Art. Erika can perform on different silks colors to match your event or corporate colors.

DIVINA: This act features the most charismatic aerialist on a classical music that every one can enjoy and recognize: Ave Maria in a re-edited version.  This aerial performance is executed on a fix point and doesn’t require much height like other aerial acts. Erika interprets a moment of sensuality and beauty by twisting and dancing in the air by the vehicle of these aerial straps. This circus discipline is often used in a very rough way but Erika’s interpretation is all in softness and beauty. At a certain moment in the performance, it literally starts raining on the artist. These huge water walls create a major astonishment and the result is a “never seen before” effect. The water and Erika’s body movements construct the most amazing shapes, the pictures are absolutely magical. Erika will finish this act completely wet. The extreme class shown in this act makes it an achieved artwork. Divina is pure mix between the power of a woman and the force of the water, making this performance divine.

UPSIDE DOWN: This performance is the result of 2 years of creation and work in order to control difficult movements and push the body beyond its limits. Upside Down is a hand-balancing act on high canes. The artist is perched on these canes reaching 1.8M high and performs the most amazing hand balancing and contortion movements. This piece is very modern and its rhythmic music, purposely composed is Erika’s guide. Her interpretation is full of mystery; her slender body defies gravity while balancing on tiny surfaces. Her absolutely incredible strength will make any man envious and the whole audience astonished. This jaw dropping circus performance is kept for our most exclusive clients only.

The cirque entertainment of Erika Lemay can be used for:

  • Corporative events
  • Private party
  • TV show
  • Trade show
  • Festival
  • Special gala
  • Fundraising event
  • Product launch
  • Convention
  • Gala dinner
  • Advertisement
  • Luxurious Cruise ships
  • Official Openings
  • Variety show (Cabaret)
  • Exclusive Gala
  • Exclusive show
  • Luxurious show
  • Luxurious gala
  • Press launch
  • Cirque style event
  • Touring productions

Concepts that can be associated with Erika Lemay’s image and performances

Art, Elegance, Exclusivity, Beauty, Style, Flexibility, Sensuality, Class, Femininity, Creativity, Passion, Strength, Delicacy, Equilibrium, Speed, Weightlessness, Fitness, Fire, Earth, Womanhood, Water, Air, Green-energy, Ecology, Nature, Balance, Trust


Erika performs for the biggest corporations and the most famous celebrities, Prime Minister and Presidents of many countries as well as Royal Families, Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Bill Clinton, Jean Chrétien, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Binoche, Orlando Bloom, Seal, Heidi Klum, Adrien Brody, Salma Hayek, Brian Ferry to name a few. A Top performer for a Top audience!

Some of her clients

Corporate Clients include international divisions of Beiersdorf Nivea, Blackberry, BNP Paribas, BMW, Delta Airlines, Ernst & Young, Fendi, HSBC Private Bank, Infiniti, iShares, Mastercard, Mercedes, Nakheel, National Geographic, Peugeot, Pfizer, San Pellegrino, Toyota, T-Mobile, Cirque du Soleil, Celebrity Cruise, Global Television and many others